The Human Element

An Introduction to Managed Services

At one time or another we have all heard the expression, “Technology is great…when it works.” From education systems, retail stores, restaurants, and more, most everything in our society today revolves and operates around technology.

Prior to starting my internship with LayerEight I didn’t know much about the IT industry or what the term “managed services” even meant.

In the IT world, managed services is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining, and anticipating need for, a range of processes and functions in order to improve operations and cut expenses.

A look into the world of technology

To put it into simpler terms, managed services are like a pain reliever for businesses and their IT systems, especially for smaller businesses.

Its purpose is to prevent and take care of the headaches that are associated with technology and provide businesses with routine monitoring and maintenance of hardware and infrastructure, remote support, and more.

For large businesses, having a system run at optimal performance is an afterthought but for medium to small sized businesses it can be one of their biggest problems.

As technology demands continue to increase, industry competition also increases making it difficult for small businesses to operate efficiently.

Just looking locally, there are many small businesses in Plattsburgh that have been able to improve their operations through the utilization of LayerEight managed services. LayerEight has been able to differentiate itself in the North Country by providing an all-inclusive managed services package. Not only does an all-inclusive package take away the stress for small local businesses, it also allows LayerEight to build strong relationships with all clients.

When you have a managed services team who is dedicated to building a relationship with your business rather than just making sure your technology works properly every so often it can make a difference.

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About The Author

Olivia MetchickOlivia Metchick is a marketing major and public relations minor at SUNY Plattsburgh. In addition to being a member of Sigma Delta Tau sorority and Shine On (a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to making young girls more resilient and confident as they navigate middle school and beyond) Olivia enjoys skiing and spending time with family.